Clothes to make women look better. Curves and all.

      Welcome to The Finley Shirt Company. We’re here to not just make you look, but to make you feel better, brighter and bolder by empowering women to feel irresistible and confident in their own skin.

      We’re about much more than clothing; our designs express your inner beauty and strength, complement your individuality and highlight the positive aspects of your body, curves and all.

      Founded by American fashion designer and philanthropist Finley Moll, along with businesswoman Heather McNeill in 1995, our vision was born out of passion and creativity. After working in the fashion industry, we embarked on a journey to create feminine, crisp, tailored, and fun designer shirts for women.

      From the beginning, we believed in the power of
      perseverance, becoming a symbol of impeccable workmanship and unsurpassed quality.

      Today in Dallas where we were founded and where we make all Finley clothing, along with co-owner Marty Washington, we remain committed to providing a crisp, clean answer to a trendy world.

      Welcome to the world of Finley, where every garment is
      crafted with care to make you feel your best, embracing your unique personality, beauty and body.

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